Live-Site believes that a solid loss prevention program is a critical component of a company’s success. The challenges of size, resources, and/or geography should not prevent a company from having an effective LP program that fits its needs and budget.

In 1998, these beliefs resulted in the creation of LP Innovations. More than a decade later, we remain North America’s leading provider of loss prevention solutions. Our cost-effective, results driven programs have changed the way companies view the loss prevention function.

LIVE-SITE’s national team of professionals provide audits, training, incident resolution, analysis and consultation services to over seventy companies and eight thousand locations in the US and Canada. Our LP experts’ diverse experience in retail, grocery, restaurant, pharmacy, and distribution allows us to apply our broad knowledge and understanding to ensure our clients’ loss reduction success.

LIVE-SITE is a privately held company; owned by management and private equity investors. Our corporate headquarters is in Milford MA. and we have 85 offices across the US and Canada.

Our Mission Statement

LIVE-SITE was first in the industry to provide a “boots on the ground” approach to the LP outsource model. As former proprietary LP managers and directors, our philosophy is your outsource solution should feel like a partner not a third party. That philosophy serves as the core of our mission statement:

“We are dedicated to maximizing our client’s profitability,

seamlessly integrating into their culture & providing

uncompromising customer service.”

Our mission and philosophy ensures that each interaction achieves our goal to exceed your expectations.

Our Philosophy

Loss Prevention is both a science and an art. Company cultures may differ from business to business and industry to industry, but the general practices and programs for reducing loss can be applied in a variety of situations and settings. The science of loss prevention is a company’s ability to understand these universal principles and apply them to its organization. LIVE-SITE calls these principles “industry best practices.”

Our experience across a variety of industries places us in a unique position to understand these principles and to assist our clients in their implementation. Through our experience, training and knowledge we can help a company develop a solid loss prevention program that includes the most successful elements. At LIVE-SITE, we believe “best practices” are those activities that make the most efficient use of company resources and provide the highest return on investment.

The art of loss prevention is in the adaptation of programs to a company’s culture, goals, and objectives. Each industry and each company has a unique system, a unique culture, and a mission different from its competitors. The goal is to develop programs that “fit” the organization. To be effective loss prevention programs must “speak” in terms that reflect the company and that its employees can understand and implement.

We do not believe that a company should “fit” into a program, but that the program must be uniquely adapted to fit the company. At LIVE-SITE, we call this process “building a culture of loss prevention.”

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