Contextual investigation Synopsis

With more than sixty customers over all retail verticals and sections, Live-Site has demonstrated results in every aspect of psychologist diminishment, enhanced nourishment expenses and edge and increment in general misfortune counteractive action mindfulness.

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Specialty Retail


Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski logoIn 1997, Swarovski launched a few high-end boutique stores throughout the United States. The retail business found success quickly, and in less than 2 years, Swarovski had opened 47 stores nationwide. In recognition of the need to dramatically scale its loss prevention infrastructure to support its rapid growth, Swarovski began to investigate options to build out its loss prevention program.



Casual Male Retail Group

Casual Male logoCasual Male Retail Group (CMRG) began to weigh the benefits of supporting an internal loss prevention department versus shifting to an outsourced model. Like most retailers, a high associate turnover rate coupled with limited internal resources challenged the retailer to keep its losses from shrink within acceptable industry levels. What they found was BIG savings.




Forever21 logoWhile Forever21’s internal loss prevention team successfully supported certain components of their program, they found themselves stretched to complete crucial investigations nationwide. Find out how through adding a level of outsourced resources, they were able to increase their presence and improve results alongside an existing internal loss prevention department.




Food Industry


Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe logoWhile evaluating options regarding an effective and efficient cafe audit process after an organizational change, Hard Rock Cafe compared two alternatives — creating an internal audit team versus partnering with an external loss prevention firm with the required expertise and ‘fit’ with Hard Rock’s company culture and objectives.



Hooters of America

Hooters logoWhile the executive and human resources teams were the primary decision makers in risk scenarios and theft and harassment cases, few resources were available to provide a proactive and educational loss prevention program for its corporately owned locations. Hooter’s of America began to explore outsourcing as an option to build an effective loss prevention program.