It is a certainty representative burglary causes upwards of 60% of all misfortunes to an organization. Notwithstanding robbery, organizations face other testing occurrences, for example, HR issues, grievances, and consistence infringement. These delicate issues oblige proficient determination

The mastery and experience of LIVE-SITE can help your organization by giving the best possible strategy important to satisfactorily resolve episodes of robbery, HR and approach infringement.

Our across the country group is confirmed in the commercial ventures top talking procedure and our inward preparing system guarantees a careful and expert determination of your occurrences.


The estimation of our group incorporates:

  • Affirmation in the Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates procedure of meeting and investigation
  • A restrictive group, not builders helps you in determining your episodes
  • Across the nation vicinity to determine your issues rapidly and without exorbitant expenses
  • There for you from beginning to end; supporting your needs all through the whole process

Organizations use our occurrence determination administrations to:

  • Bolster a current misfortune aversion capacity with a revealed business sector or region
  • Give expanded determination to high psychologist or target markets
  • Help a current LP office when expanded episodes happen
  • Bolster Human Resources groups with an unprejudiced way to deal with touchy issues and occurrences

Our episode determination administrations furnish our customers with a quick and expert result, diminishing your misfortunes and taking expanded productivity back to your business.


Contact us to take in more about how we can offer episode determination administrations to bolster your particular need and industry.

LIVE-SITE Insight:

LIVE-SITE utilizes our own particular exclusive across the nation group to handle episode determination—we don’t contract out these administration

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